Exciting new things to come!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of content on here recently. This has been down to some technical issues and eventually both authors time being divided between work and education.

With that behind us we look forward to adding new content to the site! Eventually looking at a re-design and more regular updates. Stay tuned!

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My new Guiding web site !!


come and join uss for mountain biking in Kentmere and the Lake District

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sorry for the lack of content recently !!!

hi sorry for the lack of content this year but we are currently experiencing technical issues with photographs and media content , there is many new and exiting things to share but without photos there is no real point in publishing yet , so hang tight and ride the routes we have posted :)

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Grizedale Black Decent

Adam and I thought it would be a good idea to check out the new black decent at Grizedale Forest. It is near the north face trail but is not really connected. We pushed up one of the bridleways that comes down the side of the black decent , it can also be accessed by following the start of the north face trail and then continuing along the first fire road. Maps are available from the bike shop at the trail head. The black decent itself is quite fun , starting with 2 rock gaps the splitting in to a high and low line with rock drops and other features , the central part of the trail has some nice corners and a fairly large hip and ski jump . the bottom of the trail is ok and has some nice jumps and berms however we felt it wasn’t steep enough so carrying speed was a bit of an issue and allot of pedalling was needed to hit the jumps properly. We also felt it was a bit short. So our verdict is that its work a look if you are local or if you are in the lakes for a few days and heading over that way. But isn’t really a standalone attraction. “Good for an evening mess-around”.

Photos to follow

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Skiddaw Descent

I felt the need to try this descent after reading somewhere that it was a mental descent and that ‘all other downhills pale in insignificance’. I mean, come on, who isn’t tempted to try something that has that kind of reputation? Also, I had a feeling that the descent wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be, which in the end, it wasn’t.

It’s a fast descent, I’ll give them that, and at that speed the angle of the descent and the switchbacks do help to mix it up a little. Also as you hit the descent around Latrigg, that’s fun, fast and flowy. But if you’re after something that’s technical and fairly gnarly, don’t take the main bridleway down unless, of course you’re after a long-ish not too strenuous DH run (though the 1 1/2hour to 2 hour push up requires some degree of dedication). There isn’t much to say about the actual route description, just head up Latrigg from Keswick (up the final descent of the Blencathra Base route), head through the Skiddaw car park and back along the path you come down in the Blencathra Base route. After the second gate, turn left and start the long push up the zig-zag ascent until you reach the top of Skiddaw (once you get through the third gate on your way up, you almost at the top) then just turn round and head right on down! Simples.

I hear a good variation is just down from the peak, turn right down the Allerdale Scramble (technically a footpath, but locals say it’s rarely used) and mission down there, mucho more techy apparently. I’ll see if I can get down there sometime soon. Equally, if you prefer a loop rather than a straight up and straight back down route, start the Blencathra Base route and follow it right round until you get onto the Cumbrian Way, rather than turning left, head right to Skiddaw House and follow the track up from there to the peak.

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[Pictures up soon]

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Borrowdale Bash

Another fairly well known route this one, not much height gain but the descents are still good and unlike some of the other routes that we’ve published this one is definitely doable on a hardtail (my full suss was broken, forcing me to take the hardtail out for a spin).

Head out of Keswick along the B 5289 and just follow the road until you hit a left heading towards Watendlath and Ashness Bridge and follow this winding road until you reach Watendlath. From there you head off road along a bridleway crossing a bridge from Watendlath, just over the bridge stay left then head right following the bridleway up the hill. Keep following this until you hit the road at the end of Borrowdale at a place called Rosthwaite, this bridleway is pretty easy but the descent close to the end is pretty fun with a few rocky sections and the odd loose corner. Be wary of the drainage channels crossing the path though, these have caused a few punctures!

Once you back on the road again, head left out of Rosthwaite and follow the road as far as Seatoller. Head straight through Seatoller and start powering up Honister Pass, sometime after the first major right corner there should be a bridleway heading left through a wooden gate, that’s the way you want to be heading. This bridleway is fairly quaint, nothing too strenuous but still a fun piece of singletrack nonetheless. When it begins to get rocky on either side of the path, this is where it gets more fun! It’s only a short and not incredibly steep descent but it gives some major arm pump! Follow this down to the river and along the path to the road. Once at the road, you can either head left and back onto another bridleway or right into Grange and onto the road back to Keswick again.

I just took the road back to Keswick again but I’ll try get some info on the other bridleway route and hopefully get some pictures of this ride up soon enough!

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Blencathra Base

Rail road

Heading out of Threlkeld


We’re sorry for the lack of content over the past couple of months, but if your planning a trip up to Keswick sometime soon then here’s a little something for you to mission ’round if you have a couple of hours spare in an evening.

From Keswick, head towards the old rail road. It’s difficult to explain how to get to it but one way is to head out of Keswick along Penrith Road until you get to the BP fuel station and behind that you should be able to get onto the old rail road. From there head along the path towards Threlkeld (I think it’s about 4 miles). Once in Threlkeld head into the centre and take the road left heading up the hill, I think it’s sign posted for ‘Blencathra Base’ or something similar. Follow this road all the way up the hill untill it turns into a Bridleway/track and just keep on that for a while up the small valley untill you see a bridge on your left, take that bridge and head through the gate. Shortly after the gate heading up the hill (that has been on your left since heading out of Threlkeld) there should be a small path bearing left, take this. This is more of a small short-cut even if you miss this the path you were on after the bridge would still take you to the track you need to be on. Once you reach the main bridleway turn left and follow this all the way ’round the base of Lonscale Fell. This section is quite tight singletrack with some fairly techy, short rock sections which provide good fun. This bridleway opens up after a while and slowly begins to descend down to a river crossing and over to a road. Head pretty much straight across the road and start descending down a man made track around the side of Latrigg descending into the forest, just remember with this track to always stay right. This descent is super flowy with the odd drainage ditch providing some slight air-time. Follow it down, through a wide gate and out onto a road. From here go left, follow the road until you reach a mini-roundabout take the first exit and just follow the road into town!

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Morzine 2011

This is a video of when me and a couple of my friends who also work at Evans cycles in Kendal went to Morzine in the alps for 2 weeks

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Through the Lens

As you may have seen at Big Mountain Blog we like to use photographs and videos to illustrate our posts but many of the best riding photos don’t make the blog as they are often taken on small unofficial trails, so I have written this small article to focus on a couple of my favorite photos that I have taken whilst out riding and a little bit about each of them.

Misty Forest

This picture was taken at my local “underground” DH track, this sort of track always has a very nice natural feel and lends itself to photos. I used a tree to lead in to the image, I think using trees to frame riding shots is a good technique. I cant disclose the location of this track but I’m sure you will all have somewhere similar near you.


This is one of my favorite images from last summer; it is a picture of Adam at Scratchmere Scar DH track, I like the photo but the track is definitely worth a visit, it may be one of the lesser ridden tracks in the UK but if you are in Cumbria it’s steep and technical descents are definitely worth a visit.

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